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Great Saltee

Saturday, June 1st headed off to the Saltees. This year the weather was not wall to wall sun so I had great hopes that photography would be good and I was not disappointed. Got the early (10am) boat over and took my usual route on the right side of the island.

This bring you away from the main cliffs on the south side of the island and along a much flatter side through a gull and Oystercatcher colony. This year there were a pair of Grey Log geese here and were very upset to see me - are they nesting? I did not spend time looking for the nest as there were loads of gulls and I did not want to keep them off the nest if it existed. Past this area the land rises and it is a good place for Razorbills, Guillemots and Puffins. The nice thing here is that there are no cliffs and it is very easy to get level with the birds. Also when photographing the birds in the morning the sun is at your back. This year it did not disappoint with some nice shots of Puffins


    Wicklow Head

    Things are getting hectic on Wicklow Head. All the auks are pairing up and getting ready for egg laying. Still congregating in large number on the water and rock, they have not quite settled down to tending eggs yet